Informed Educated Decisions

We believe the best decisions are made when there is full transparency.
For more than twenty years, we have specialized on helping business owners build and manage their employee benefit packages. We are now accepting new clients.

​Our focus is employee health benefits. We are connected to focused professionals should our client have needs beyond group insurance.

Make sure you hire a benefit consultant that is experienced negotiating rates and interpreting group benefit plan pricing models.

You would pay the same amount you pay to a "dabbler" who can do benefits too, as you pay a specialist.

So why wouldn't you work with a specialist?

We are dedicated to ensuring that the benefit plan upholds the overall business goals.

​Making use of all the tools at our disposal to design a benefit plan to meet the specific goals of each company is what we do. We deal with fully insured plans, completely pooled plans: in some situations we agree that some benefits can better be offered on a self-insured basis and in many cases we use together a hybrid of insured and self-insured policies.

​We never lose sight of who we work for, the business owner.  Your goals and objectives is what drives plan design and pricing.   We always work to get the best possible outcome, the benefits you want at the best pricing possible while making sure your plan is sustainable today and in the future.

Congratulations by the way! When you provide benefits for your employees, we see it as a promise you make to them to be there if and when they need you. That speaks volumes; we listen. What's your promise?